About OperationRead

by the OperationRead team

Posted on August 24, 2017 at 7:42 PM

OperationRead established in 2017

Our mission is to offer tools for finding and selecting books... particularly for emergent through young adult readers, and to encourage reading in general. From original content & reviews to sharing valuable outside resources, we will serve as a launching point to improve the experience of reading overall.

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Co-founder and CTO.

Darin has had a long and successful career in digital marketing and technology - helping the top brands in the world. He figured it was time to try something that wasn't driven by others requirements and constraints for merely the joy of doing so.

Favorite Genres: Classics, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Co-founder and CCO.

Julie learned to read at age five, and hasn’t stopped since. From cereal boxes and syrup bottles to encyclopedias and phone books, she now prefers to read middle grade fiction (though she has favorites in almost every genre except for westerns and romance). Julie first began consulting with parents on reading selections for kids in college, when her mother asked for advice regarding the books her middle school brother was reading. Today, Julie is the co-chair for the One School One Book program at her son’s elementary school, and is an active member of the nominating committees for a statewide children’s choice book award in the categories of picture book, chapter book, and novel.