Pie by Sarah Weeks


Posted on September 10, 2017 6:19:33 PM UTC
Advanced Elementary, Golden Sower Award, Middle Grades

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Title: Pie
ISBN: 9780545270113
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I am not a traditional pie lover, but years ago my mom started making these frozen chocolate pies that became a family favorite and is often requested in lieu of birthday cakes to this day. Fortunately, the book “Pie” only requires an interest in fun mysteries. A quick read at just 183 pages, “Pie” is a good choice for readers in upper elementary grades. This is the review I posted on Goodreads in 2013. Sweet. Like pie. Another Golden Sower Award nominee (we are on our fifth of ten books now!), “Pie” takes place in 1950's Ipswitch, Pennsylvania. Young Alice Anderson's favorite aunt Polly has a special talent for baking pies, and has her own shop, simply called PIE. She gives her pies away for free, delighting in the joy she can bring to others, and has won a coveted pie baker's award for 13 years in a row. Alice spends nearly every free moment with her aunt, until the day Polly suddenly dies. Everyone mourns her death, of course, but also mourns the loss of their favorite pies. Fortunately, Aunt Polly has a will, and spells out who will inherit her pie shop, her grumpy cat, and her super-secret special pie crust recipe. Said pie crust recipe, UNfortunately, is worth more than its weight in gold, it seems, and while most people are trying to recreate it on their own, a more sinister element appears to be at work as well. Right in the middle of things, still grieving the loss of her aunt, Alice is determined to get to the bottom of all the strange happenings in town.

My fourth grade daughter and I both liked this book. It had nice pacing, interesting characters and a bit of old fashioned nostalgia. There is an epilogue at the end, which I could have done without -- it nearly ruined the book altogether for me.