May B. by Caroline Starr Rose


Posted on August 30, 2017 3:30:22 PM UTC

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Title: May B.
ISBN: 9780385374149
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Surprising! Not the story, of course -- the story is fairly simple. A young girl, living on the Kansas prairie with her family in the early days of homesteading is sent to live with a young couple just breaking ground on their own plot of land. The groom has been working hard to prepare a basic (soddy) home for his new bride, who will be coming from a life in the city. He expects she will need some help adjusting, and pays May B's father to "borrow" her for five months. Then something strange happens, testing May B's own resolve, wit, and luck, before she can return home.

The author tells the story with amazingly sparse, lyrical prose. At first glance, it appears it is a poem, and I suppose it could be described as such. Sometimes, it is the absence of words that better tells a story. In this case, the few words the author does use are important, impact-full, and (best of all) enough. I would not have guessed at first blush that this would have been the kind of book I enjoyed reading. But it is.