"Epic Cardboard Adventures" by Leslie Manlapig


Posted on December 29, 2017 2:02:57 AM UTC
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Title: Epic Cardboard Adventures
ISBN: 9781623709310
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I think cardboard is one of the most fascinating materials: it is inexpensive, widely available, easily manipulated, recyclable, recognizable, light-weight, sturdy, and adaptable. I have been known to rescue stacks of heavy cardboard sheeting from recycling bins at work, put wheels on the bottom of cardboard fruit crates from Costco and tie rope to the front with my kids to make crude go-karts, and let my children play for endless hours in the yard with the large cardboard box our new washing machine came in (which, of course, attracted all the neighborhood kids too!). And so, of course, this title caught my attention.

"Epic Cardboard Adventures" by Leslie Manlapig offers several projects that can be made with (duh) cardboard, along with other typical craft supplies (like duct tape, pipe cleaners, recycled lids or egg crates, markers, glue, craft knife, and scissors). The projects are arranged by various (fittingly) adventures: have a kid who pretends he is a medieval knight? Check out the "Medieval Defense" section. Does your daughter dream of space travel? The designs in "Outer Space" might be right up her alley!

I thought the ideas in "Lights! Camera! Action!" might be great props for an Academy Awards-watching party -- for adults and children alike! But most of the ideas will appeal to kids from about 4 to 9, and most will require the help of an adult. Most projects are fairly basic in nature, but a few are kind of unoriginal (if a kid knows what nunchucks are, they will make them out of toilet paper tubes and string without instructions). Additionally, it is worth noting, that several projects detail how to make various weapons (see "nunchucks") -- out of cardboard, yes, but it might make this book unsuitable for some audiences.

I was able to review this book pre-publication through Netgalley. "Epic Cardboard Adventures" will be available for puchase on March 1, 2018.